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Amelia VanPaepeghem

Owner of Enhanced Radiance here in Boise Id. where a variety of holistic services are held to support optimum health and create a centered state of vibrancy.
In 2003 I received my certificate as a Massage Therapist from the Lauterstein Conway School of Massage in Austin, Texas, now practicing in Boise, Idaho. I am also certified in doTERRA's AromaTouch Technique, am a "Reiki Master", and have specialized training with body structure as well as Trigger point, Deep tissue, Sports, Swedish massage techniques, lymphatic massage, and more. I am known for being fully present with my clients’ needs and energy to help offer support to both their physical and emotional needs. With so many outside systemic stressors that affect everything from muscular to skeletal to neurological functions of the body, my techniques help support the body’s own ability to heal. I am also a provider of a safe alternative to tanning through my 'Endless Glow' airbrush spray tan. With all the UV skin damage done this aloe base product is catered to give you a beautiful natural glow personalized to you! Contact me today for an all over natural wellness plan that will be tailored to your ever changing needs.


  • Membership
    Weekly Membership $200/Mo
    Bi-weekly Membership $110/Mo
    Basic Services
    Swedish Massage (65 mins) $65
    Quick Fix (30 mins) $35
    Extended Massage (90 minutes) $90
    Aroma Touch $45
    Deep Tissue add on $10

    Reiki ("Ray- kee") - A healing energy that originated over 1000 years ago in Tibet. This healing energy allows the practitioner to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy” that improves overall health and enhances quality of life for the client.


    The AromaTouch Techniqueis a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet. In your treatment you will receive 8 different oils used in a very specific application. Achieving homeostasis balancing, immune building and inflammation reduction. $45     

    Bronze (1 tan)  $20
    Gold (2 tans + 10% off product)  $38
    Premium (4 tans + 10% off product)  $75

    Full Body $25
    Legs $15
    Upper Body $15
    Face and Chest $10
    Second Application $10

    Aerosol Tanning Serum $20
    Large Aerosol Tanning Serum $45
    Tan Extender   $35
    Tanning Lotion $40
    Exfoliating Scrub $20
    Shaving Lotion   $15
    Aerosol SPF (30 & 50)   $15
    Lotion SPF (30 & 50)   $15
    Aloe w/ Lidocaine $10


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Amelia for 12 years now as a Healing Arts Practitioner, friend and soul sister. She is incredibly gifted with her touch through massage and Reiki energy work. The work she did on me supported my body in reducing stress and tension I was holding for years the first time she gave me a treatment. Whenever I go to Boise to visit her I benefit immensely from her expert healing arts ability! Amelia has one of the biggest hearts I know and she truly cares for people's well being. Thank you Amelia for sharing your light with the world in the loving ways you do..." 

-Danielle Edmondson  Founder, Angelosophy

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Business Hours
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    11 to 7pm 
  • Please call for apt. at
  • Available for Tanning Apt's and Parties by request. Tanning available Sundays from 12 to 3 at Luscious Nails
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